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$265.00 USD

Medium: Color Pencil on Basswood Slab with bark intact
Art Dimensions: Height: 15 inches, Length: 12 inches
Thickness: 1 inch
Year Created 2022

This piece was created to acknowledge the beauty of motherhood and the birth of a new generation. As a tree bears fruit so does a mother carrying a child. Her body glows as she transitions from maidenhood to motherhood. The center of the wood indicates life within the rings of growth emanating from the mother’s belly. Through the transformation, the woman carries both the weight of herself and the child, which leaves a lasting impression on the skin similar to the branches of a tree. The stretch marks that form are shown as a beautiful reminder of feminine strength and the miracle of giving life.
As a new moon comes into phase, the woman is one step closer to meeting her child for the first time. Along with a new chapter in life comes a new fear of the future that cuts through her world. Even with the beauty of birthing a child, comes the fear of the unknown and the potential for experiencing life’s thorns. Regardless she remains steadfast and strong despite living in a world beyond her control that carries with it so much uncertainty.

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