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The Fallen

$405.00 USD

Medium: Graphite on Paper
Art Dimensions: Height: 17 inches x Length: 14 inches
Year Created 2018


In the expressive strokes of graphite on paper emerges "The Fallen," a compelling narrative captured within the delicate portrayal of a woman navigating a landscape of fallen trees. Cradling a ceramic water jug, her gaze fixates on the intricate roots of a specific fallen giant amid a backdrop of leafless trees stretching into the distance.
The water jug she carries symbolizes the nurturing and life-giving essence, a testament to the potential for growth and change. However, one cannot water a fallen tree.
Crafted during a reflective chapter of my journey, this thought-provoking piece serves as a meditation on personal growth and liberation.
For me, this artwork recognizes the subtle ease with which we can become entangled in the past, anchored by roots that hinder our journey forward.

"The Fallen" invites viewers to reflect on their own journey, encouraging a mindful exploration of growth and change. It emphasizes uncharted paths of healing that lead to personal freedom through self-forgiveness, acceptance, and ultimately self-love.

*Display Frame not included